Sunday, October 25, 2009

I used to think candy necklaces made me happy....

It might have been the Nashville city lights.  It might have been the flicker in my heart with every step on a Nashville street.  Or, it might have been the hope that Carrie Underwood could be within a 50 mile radius of my humble existence.  But whatever it was, it felt right.

I always tell my students not to write cliches--that their words are more original and powerful than that of another.  But somehow this one's truth cannot be captured another way:  The Journey Has Just Begun.  For the past month, everything I have worked towards has led me to this past weekend.  "The end of the tunnel" to me was my Nashville trip.  Work hard, finish this demo, go to Nashville I told myself.  I never thought about what the Sunday night would feel like when I was back and my "day job" stared me in the face once again.  

Nonetheless, I know what lies ahead of me.  And I'm choosing to chase it anyways.  I know it will be hard work.  And I'm choosing to sacrifice anyways.  I know I could fail.  And I'm choosing to try anyways.  Like a good friend recently told me, "It's what Martina would do!"